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RHC presents Restore your Gut seminar

restore your gut

Restoration Health Clinic presents a talk titled Restore your Gut with Dr. Kathleen Mahannah on May 1, 7 - 9:30 pm in their office on the third floor of the Library building Lynn Valley Village.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. But, if your digestion is compromised, your ability to obtain and utilize nutrients from your food may be impaired.

Some people experience heartburn, embarrassing gas, bloating, abdominal pains, or have been told they have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and they just “have to live with it”. Others suffer from Crohns’ Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, which greatly impact their daily lives and prevent their experience of well-being. 

Either end of this spectrum of digestive concerns can contribute to nutrient deficiencies, skin conditions, hormone imbalances, low mood, reduced ability to heal, increased risk of other diseases, and more.

Don’t let your digestive symptoms detract from your daily life, work performance, mood, or relationships – join Dr. Kathleen Mahannah, ND and find out exactly how to optimize your gut in order to support your health and heal your digestion.

Seats are limited so please register in advance by calling us at 604.990.6963 or email We look forward to seeing you.

RHC presents RESTORE YOUR HEALTH seminar series

RHC Talks EventsRestoration Health Clinic presents a talk titled Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergies with Dr. Kathleen Mahannah and Dr. Alexandra Power on April 17, 7 - 9:30.  

Future talks include topics that cover Natural Fertility, AutoImmune Disease, and more.

RESTORE YOUR HEALTH is a FREE seminar series presented by the practitioners of Restoration Health Clinic that addresses the whole health of your family. Meet our doctors, learn how to balance hormones, boost immune function, kick start your metabolism, gain energy, relieve stress, have a healthy pregnancy, and more.

Seats are limited so please contact us early to reserve your spot at or 604-990-6963.


Welcome to Lynn Valley Village ...

Anchored by Lynn Valley public library, this pedestrian-only village has a diverse selection of shops and services. Many of the shops and services focus on environmentally conscious products and green alternatives, in keeping with the lifestyle and landscape of the Lynn Valley Community.

The Village is home to the popular Live in Lynn Valley summer concert series and numerous community events.  As in recent years many of our business and services have been voted favorites in the North Shore News Readers Choice Awards 2015.

The Village is centrally located in Lynn Valley on the corner of Lynn Valley Road and Mountain Highway