VPG Realty Inc.

VPG Realty Inc.

At VPG Realty Inc. we aim to provide the highest level of service in the industry by offering you brokers who understand their neighborhoods, by aggressively advertising in leading offline and online publications, by working cooperatively with other leading brokerage houses, and by doing what it takes to make you, the client, happy.

We are a team of experienced, like-minded, ethically and morally sound realtors that employ a unique and highly effective approach to selling homes, one that we like to call our “Win-Win” approach, whereby our agents collaborate as a unified team, working towards the ultimate objective - a successful result for our clients, on their terms and in their time frame. Happy clients grow business, grumpy clients do not!

In assembling the team, we looked to professional baseball for inspiration, embracing the “Moneyball” concept. This has lead to a championship caliber team comprised of reputable, personable, experienced agents, each with their own unique skill set and areas of expertise. Together we are the perfect agent. If you chose to work with one of us, you get all of us, because at VPG Realty we know that “teamwork makes the dream work.”


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