Meet our Merchants - Soper & Kirschner Financial Services

Do you have a need for personalized financial advice, services, and solutions?   Have you looked into your options regarding personal protection, retirement or estate planning?   Perhaps you run a small business and would like to explore strategies about how to protect your investment and secure the financial future of both you and your business?    These are the things that S&K Financial are concerned with and they would be honored to be able to offer their services to you.

Meet Barry Soper & Ken Kirschner in Suite 307 on the 3rd floor of the Lynn Valley Library bldg.

Together Barry & Ken have 40 years of experience as Financial Security Advisors. 

They focus primarily on:

  1. Financial & retirement planning, in general;
  2. Individual life & living benefits insurance;
  3. Group benefits for small businesses; and
  4. Creating a holistic plan that reflects your financial goals and objectives.

Ken KirschnerKen Kirschner,  CFP, CLU, EPC

Ken has been in the Financial Services Industry since 1990, working with individuals and small businesses advising on ways to protect their financial security.   He earned his CLU (Chartered Financial Underwriter) designation in 1997, his CFP (Certified Financial Planner) in 1999, his EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) in 2001, and keeps abreast of changing markets and rules by attending numerous education events and seminars throughout the year.

While his experience over the years has been in all areas of financial planning, these days he finds himself working mostly with small business owners, advising on and arranging their benefits packages, pension plans or group RRSP’s, key man protection, and of course business succession and estate planning.     More information 

BarryBarry Soper, CFP, CHS, CPCA, BEd.

Barry is a seasoned professional. Prior to becoming licensed as a financial advisor in 1998, Barry garnered 25 years of experience in the real estate, mortgage management, and property development areas. This diversified background has equipped him with the experience to help his clients enhance their financial security.

A Certified Financial Planner since 2004, Barry believes that continuing education is essential to stay on top of this complex field. He has broadened his industry education with additional professional designations: Certified Health Insurance Specialist and Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.

Barry acquired a passion for helping people from his roots as a teacher and then as a professional sports coach. His success as a ‘financial coach’ with Soper Financial Ltd. is a natural extension of his dedication to helping people improve their lives and achieve their own success.  More information