Meet our Merchants - Vancity Lynn Valley

Vancity Lynn Valley Village BranchHere at Vancity, we understand the importance of being smart with money and the value of putting money to good use, and as a member, that means you are too. When members deposit money into their Vancity accounts, they are able to earn interest on their savings and easily access the funds at any time. What many do not know about these deposits, Vancity makes the effort to invest a portion into the local community in which we live. This is what we call Good Money; Not only will you earn a competitive rate of return on your deposits and Investments, you will also have a peace of mind, knowing that through your business with Vancity, you are helping the community you live in prosper and grow. The belief here is that our community is what brings us together and so investing in its future means investing in the future of our members. Whether it means giving loans to local small businesses, supporting community projects, or even helping growing families to find their new home, Vancity is focused on the development and growth of the people who have made us who we are today.

Located in Lynn Valley Village, our branch is able to directly interact with our local Lynn Valley community. You will be sure to see us at Lynn Valley Days, the Summer Concert Series, and many other community events in Lynn Valley. We welcome you to our branch to meet your financial needs, be sure to stop by when you see the big red sign because that will be the start of your path of doing good.