"Give Back, Smile Back" 

Written by Webmaster.

April is a dental health month and on April 11, Dr. Glenn van As and his team at Canyon Dental volunteered their time to provide dental services in conjunction with the Harvest Project as part of the Give Back, Smile Back program, a charitable intuitive which provides dental care to patients in need through donated time and services.

The Harvest Project has since 1993 served the North Shore, extending a helping hand to those who are experiencing extreme challenges with family breakdowns, illness, job loss, and poverty. Their vision is to enlarge their work as a sustainable and compassionate presence for the North Shore residents, to help restore our neighbours to health and stability that benefits the whole community.

In one of the wealthiest regions in Canada, critical family needs are often hidden and services are scarce for those who find themselves in desperate times. About 1 in 5 families on the North Shore are headed up by lone-parent.  These families and many others are at-risk of losing access to physical, social and economic resources and opportunities.