Restoration Health Clinic's Restore Your Health: Community Talks this winter

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Restoration Health Clinic is hosting another round of Restore Your Health: Community Talks, a seminar series presented by the practitioners of Restoration Health Clinic that addresses the whole health of your family.   Excellent time to meet their doctors, learn how to balance hormones, immune function, boost your metabolism, gain energy, relieve stress, have a health pregnancy, and more.

Talks take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 - 8:30pm at Restoration Health Clinic.

November 7
Boosting Your Immune System
Dr Tanner Alden ND

November 14
Restore Your Energy
Dr Ann Grimwood ND

November 28
Natural Medicine For Men's Health
Dr Tanner Alden ND

January 23
Understanding Food Allergy
Dr Ann Grimwood ND

January 30
Ignite Your Metabolism
Dr Julie Durnan ND

February 20
Natural Allergy Relief
Dr Tanner Alden ND

February 27
Naturally Health Kids
Dr Julie Durnan, Dr Lyndsey Zigar and Dr Ally Power.

March 6
Clear Skin From The Inside Out
Dr Kathleen Mahannah ND

April 10
Natural Support From Autoimmune Conditions
Dr Ann Grimwood

May 1
Restore Your Gut
Dr Kathleen Mahannah ND

June 12
Balancing Men's Hormones
Dr Tanner Alden

Seats are limited so please register in advance by calling our front desk at 604.990.6963 or email